Neuropsychology for Patients & Families

Clarity and understanding

Get the information you and your doctors need to make smart, informed treatment decisions

Answers to important questions

People often have questions about the health of their thinking skills or that of their family members such as:

  • Is my memory loss from normal aging, or something more?
  • Has my stroke affected my thinking, and if so, how?
  • Is my concussion or traumatic brain injury affecting my thinking?
  • Is it safe for my parent to drive or take care of himself?

Get clear answers about your thinking abilities, and take action to improve your functioning and wellness.

Working with a neuropsychologist can help you and your doctors:

  • Find out which thinking skills are working well
  • Identify strategies to compensate for any cognitive weaknesses
  • Decide on treatments that may delay or sometimes even reverse the cause of cognitive weaknesses