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Speaking Engagements with STLCCH

Providers at STLCCH are experts in a variety of topics related to mental and cognitive health and can bring this expertise to your organization or group.

Speaking Engagements with STLCCH

Shaping Young Minds: Neuropsychology in Education and Work

Explore our dedicated services in guiding the mental development of children, teens, and young adults. Our experts share valuable insights in educational and vocational settings, helping young minds reach their full potential.

Speaking Engagements with STLCCH

Transitioning to Adulthood: Focus on Developmental Disabilities

Discover our specialized approach in assisting individuals with developmental disabilities as they transition to adulthood. Our talks provide in-depth understanding and strategies for successful transitions.

Speaking Engagements with STLCCH

Advancements in Dementia Screening and Traumatic Brain Injury

Learn from our leaders in neuroimaging and cognitive screening for dementia. Our sessions are tailored for medical and legal professionals, offering cutting-edge knowledge in diagnosis and treatment.

Speaking Engagements with STLCCH

Neuroimaging in Traumatic Brain Injury: A Legal and Medical Perspective

Gain a comprehensive understanding of how neuroimaging is revolutionizing the diagnosis and treatment of traumatic brain injuries. Our expert-led sessions provide invaluable insights for attorneys and medical professionals, focusing on the latest techniques and their implications in both legal and healthcare contexts. We delve into the complexities of brain imaging, exploring how these advancements are shaping the future of patient care and legal outcomes in cases involving brain injuries.

Speaking Engagements with STLCCH

Strategies for Reducing Dementia Risk and Preserving Cognitive Health

Join us in uncovering effective strategies to reduce the long-term risk of dementia and maintain cognitive abilities. Our talks are centered on the latest research and practical approaches to cognitive health preservation. We provide insights into lifestyle changes, mental exercises, and medical advancements that contribute to long-term cognitive wellness. This is an essential session for healthcare providers, caregivers, and anyone interested in proactive measures for cognitive health.

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