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This page will provide all of the information you need to know about your evaluation prior to scheduling.

Please read this page in its entirety, as it will answer most or all questions you may have about our services.

Why am I being referred to STLCCH?

You are being referred to STLCCH for a neuropsychological evaluation because you, your family, or your healthcare provider have a concern that your memory and/or other thinking abilities may not be functioning normally.

What happens in a neuropsychological evaluation?

At STLCCH, our evaluations are split into three separate appointments.

The first appointment, called an "Interview Appointment" is when you meet with your provider either face-to-face or by video conference so that they can hear what your concerns are about your thinking. They will also ask you information about your background like your medical history, work history, school history, and psychiatric history. This appointment typically lasts up to 60 minutes in length.

The second appointment, called a "Testing Appointment" happens within five business days of the Interview appointment and is when you meet individually with one of our professional neuropsychology technicians who will administer the tests that are designed to measure how your cognitive abilities are working. The tests involve the technician reading you things, showing you things, having you listen and pay attention, remember things for later, drawing, or answering questions. This appointment is typically the longest and lasts anywhere from 2-3 hours. This appointment must be completed in-person at the STLCCH office.

The third and final appointment is called a "Feedback Appointment" and happens roughly three weeks after the "Testing Appointment." The Feedback appointment can be completed either in-person or by video conference and is when your neuropsychologist will review the results of the evaluation directly with you, and provide you with a diagnosis and treatment recommendations. This appointment lasts anywhere from 30-60 minutes.

Does my health insurance company cover the costs of a neuropsychological evaluation?

STLCCH and its providers are considered "in-network" for certain major health insurance carriers. Health insurance companies typically cover neuropsychological evaluations that are considered "medically necessary," though coverage may be different if it is delivered by an out-of-network provider versus in-network provider. Some neuropsychological evaluations may not be considered medically necessary if, for example, they are being used to pursue non-healthcare related goals such as educational accommodations, or to apply for disability benefits.

Most neuropsychological evaluations are considered medically necessary if they are accompanied by a physician referral, and STLCCH will need to have a physician referral on file before you are scheduled for an evaluation.

What will my out-of-pocket expense be for a neuropsychological evaluation?

Because health insurance benefits vary widely from plan to plan, it is impossible for STLCCH to know your exact out-of-pocket cost. Depending on the specific benefits of your plan, you may owe anywhere from $0 to $1000+ in some cases. You may call your insurance company to inquire about what your out of pocket costs are likely to be by calling the customer service number on the back of your insurance card. The representative will ask for some specific information from you which you will need to be ready to provide them. The information the customer service representative may ask for is listed below:

  • Tax ID: 61-1885138
  • Group NPI: 1720576663
  • Dr. Menatti's NPI: 1982108163
  • Dr. Olson's NPI: 1174267660
  • Dr. Lane's NPI: 1295178457
  • CPT Codes: 96116 (1 unit), 96132 (1 unit), 96133 (2-4 units), 96138 (1 unit), & 96139 (5-9 units)

If your health insurance will not cover your evaluation, we offer an income-based sliding fee scale to make our services more accessible. You must provide proof of household income in order to qualify for our sliding fee scale.

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